GPAs: From Myanmar to Dallas

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH! We have exciting updates to share with you today.

GPA Myanmar:


GPA Myanmar brought together 31 young pastors from different regions, different denominations, and most of the different major ethnic groups. For 10 days they ate, studied and played together near the ancient city of Bago, Myanmar.


The pastors braved 100-plus degree heat and extremely humid conditions to sit in the classrooms and learn from our five Dallas GPA grads and Master Coaches. It was the first time that many had been to that part of Myanmar (about 50 miles from the capital city of Yangon).


The country only recently opened its doors (2011), and economic growth and development in the country has exploded. This has brought new challenges for the church in Myanmar, and the GPA Myanmar cohort will now be able to face them together. Several of the pastors mentioned that this GPA will be an event that will have an impact in shaping the Christian landscape in Myanmar throughout the next few decades and beyond!


Dallas GPA:

Our 26th pastor has received his visa. Pastor P from Indonesia received his passport at the end of April, completing our 2014 Dallas GPA class! Praise the Lord.

Unfortunately, Pastor I from Rwanda was unable to obtain his visa. Please pray for him. 

Please also continue to pray for Pastor A from Syria. He has obtained his visa, but had to reapply for a passport. The Syrian government has granted his passport, but he has not yet received it from them.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator

1 thought on “GPAs: From Myanmar to Dallas

  1. Happy for the Pastors and Leaders in Myanmar for the opportunity they had to host a national GPA. We are grateful to the Lord that RREACH is helping to equip the universal body of Christ. I believe, one day the Church in Zimbabwe will be impacted through us and the GPA. We will continue to uphold those who still have issues with their travel arrangements. Dr Richard, you are a blessing. May the Good Lord continue to strengthen you and pour out His abundant grace on you until His purposes and plans are accomplished

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