“Because of the Dallas GPA…”

Dear friends,

We are excited to announce we have accepted 27 candidates, including 20* who have secured visas. We are blessed that two newly accepted candidates from Cuba and Brazil already had US visas.

Since our last post on the Dallas GPA, we have the following updates:

Pastor J from Gambia and Pastor G from Cameroon both are planning to reapply for their visas. Their first applications were rejected. Please pray for favorable outcomes in both cases.

Pastor R from Bangladesh was granted his visa!

Please pray for these upcoming visa appointments:

  • March 24: Pastor A, from Nepal
  • March 28: Pastor K, from Bhutan

Thank you for your continued prayer as we work through the process of accepting candidates and helping them obtain visas to attend. We rejoice greatly over each one who is able to come, as we know from experience what attending the Dallas GPA means to these pastors and their ministries.

In fact, just recently we had a visit from 2013 Dallas GPA graduate Pastor A, from India. He had this to say about his experience in Dallas last year, as recorded by RREACH staff:

After the Dallas GPA last year, many began telling Pastor A they could see a difference in him. When he asked how, they said he was handling things differently. When challenges come up, he’s calmer and less angry. He still is driven and energetic, but he handles problems without getting so excited.

Pastor A also identified several other ways God changed him through the Dallas GPA, including his preaching (he said he preaches more on the Bible now than his own thoughts) and his leadership.

‘Because of the Dallas GPA, I am a leader who thinks about others first,’ he said.

Thank you for your prayers!

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator

* Pastors with secured visas represent the following countries: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Hungary, Lebanon, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Syria, Tanzania, Togo, Trinidad, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti and Angola.

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