Praising the Lord in Tanzania and Cambodia

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for the upcoming Dallas GPA and specifically for the candidate selection process. We received word that Pastor S. from Tanzania and Pastor S. from Cambodia received their visas!

I am exceedingly glad for I have passed the visa interview…Please pass on my gratitude to everyone who has prayed for the process.

– Pastor S., Tanzania

We now have eight pastors who have obtained their visas. Twenty-three total have been accepted to the 2014 Dallas GPA, including five from countries not previously represented at a Dallas GPA (Bhutan, Angola, Gambia, Nicaragua and Cambodia.) Please join us in praising the Lord for His provision.

Dr. Richard teaching during the 2013 Dallas GPA.

Dr. Richard teaching during the 2013 Dallas GPA.

Also, please lift up the following requests:

Pray for pastors who have secured their visas as they work toward raising half of their airfare to Dallas (RREACH takes care of the other half of their air travel and all of their needs while in Dallas.) For some, the cost of half of their airfare is equal to several months’ wages.

Pastor K from Togo was scheduled to have his visa appointment yesterday. Pray for a favorable outcome.

Pray for favor for these upcoming visa appointments:

  • Feb. 13: Pastor F from Mexico (UPDATE: His visa was granted! Thank you for praying!) 
  • Feb. 19: Pastor J from Mozambique
  • Feb. 27: Pastor D from Fiji
  • March 3: Pastor A from Burkina Faso

And finally, please pray for the RREACH and GPA staff as we work to raise the budget for the Dallas GPA, handle logistical details related to putting together a three-week effort to connect, unite and strengthen international pastors and work through the application/acceptance process with pastors from around the world.

2013 Dallas GPA delegates bonding together through a game of whirleyball.

2013 Dallas GPA delegates bonding together through a game of whirleyball.

If you’d like to give toward the Dallas GPA, you can access our secure online giving site here. (You’ll want to select “GProCommission” and “Dallas Global Proclamation Academy” under the “Category and Funds” heading.)

If you are in the DFW area and would be interested in volunteering to help with the Dallas GPA, please email Melissa Krispense at

For His glory,
Edie Ross
Prayer Coordinator  


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