Greetings from Cuba

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard’s trip to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. We can’t wait to give you a full update on the trip, but for now we want to share this video greeting and short note from Dr. Richard.

Greetings from Cuba–a country of mystery and history–where history got stuck, but life and time have not. 

Over 300 pastors and wives packed out one of their larger churches for five days of training and encouragement.

The opening ceremony–the grandest I have experienced–had a live bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace, a full youth orchestra, and a kids’ dance troupe.

They remain under deprived conditions, but were remarkable in humble and courageous dedication to their Lord Jesus. They are convinced this is “God’s time for Cuba. Our population is decreasing, but His Church is growing. We need you,” they repeated.

Enjoy a lovely background from atop the “prayer porch” of a local seminary-host.  Thanks for your goodwill toward this ministry.




For His glory,

Edie Ross 
Prayer coordinator

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