Praying RREACH into the New Year

Dear friends,

New Year greetings on behalf of Dr. Ramesh Richard! We ask you to join us in prayer for all that this next year might hold.

Dr. Richard’s 2014 State of Humanity address today became available to a large swath of humanity. Please enjoy it at or “like” our LifeRocks page on Facebook. God overwhelmed us with the response to the 2013 Media Outreach effort. For a detailed look at the response we received, click here.

Please also pray for the 2014 Media Outreach efforts:

  • For the newly revised social media- and Internet-based Media Outreach strategy to reach many seekers and those who haven’t even thought of seeking the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • For all who will watch Dr. Richard’s videos; ask that they will hear and receive the message.
  • For discerning conversations with our follow-up team as they respond to questions.
  • For sufficient funding to maximize the outreach.

Today we also enter year five of our decade-long human capital campaign, the Global Proclamation Commission. Please pray for God’s presence, provision and protection for this mega project and especially for the location of the Global Pastoral Trainers Congress.

In light of the recent super typhoon that devastated the Philippines, we’ve found it necessary to prayerfully consider the next steps of the Congress. Humanly speaking, it no longer appears that the Congress can be held in that country in 2016. Please specifically pray for wisdom, gratitude and humble confidence to make the right connections for the Congress.

All that we are looking forward to comes on the heels of an amazing year marked by God’s faithfulness. To read more about our ministry efforts in the most recent quarter, along with a devotional from Dr. Richard, a prayer calendar and more, please view the online version of our newsletter, the RR Crossing, here. If you’d like to begin receiving our newsletter (online or in hard copy), please email me at

Our RREACH motto “Only God” is the only thing we actually know for sure. Having wrapped up 2013, if even one of our plans will see fruition, or if one of our needs is to be met in 2014 and beyond—Only God will do it. We know you pray for all our fund budgets to be met. Please join me in praising the Lord in advance for letting us find all the resources He has reserved for us. If you want to make a 2014 tax-deductible gift to RREACH, you can do so soon in the New Year or all year long at our secure online donation site.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

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