2013 Media Outreach numbers

Dear friends,

God has overwhelmed us with the response to the 2013 Media Outreach effort, which harnesses the power of Facebook to reach unbelievers with the Gospel. Through this initiative, RREACH operates a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/liferocks.org) where we post thought-provoking content from Dr. Richard.

From the page, visitors can link to our program-specific web site (www.LifeRocks.org) where they can watch evangelistic videos by Dr. Richard, get more information and chat with a worldview-trained evangelist.

In 2013 (Jan-Nov) top responding countries included Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Egypt.

Some of the response numbers for January through November are below.

Facebook newsfeeds in which our content appeared 47,382,086
People “liked” our LifeRocks Facebook page 385,000+
People “liked” our content on Facebook 267,546
People “shared” our content on Facebook 6,993
Unique visitors to LifeRocks.org 172,558

The numbers we are most attentive to are those indicating response to a prayer to receive the Lord Jesus and desire to communicate over email with a worldview trained evangelist.

From January through November 13,399 people responded to the prayer and 3,536 asked to have follow up conversations with our evangelism team. Join us in praising God!

For His glory,
Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

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