“Whoa! Did you get all that?” – a fellow traveler’s thoughts on Africa

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. We have much to praise God for, and much to continue to lift up in prayer.

Three friends of RREACH accompanied Dr. Richard on his travels to Africa, including board member Shelby Barnette and Sherman, Texas couple Jeremy and Sherry Knight. Jeremy Knight wrote to friends and family, compiling some of his thoughts on the trip. He graciously shared that report with RREACH, and we’d like to share it with you.

We hope you’ll join us in praising God for His work through Dr. Richard and RREACH as you hear about it through the eyes of a fellow traveler.

One highlight was witnessing the pastors who previously attended a Dallas GPA facilitate and serve as peer coaches at a national GPA, teaching 25 to 30 of their fellow pastors in both South Africa and Zambia. Man did these guys hit it out of the park!

I realized that these were the 35th and 36th national GPAs conducted as a result of Dallas GPA graduates fulfilling their  challenge to “take it back and pass it on,” and that these national GPAs represent close to 1,000 pastors trained in the last four years. What’s more, each of those 1,000 pastors represent another 10 to 25 pastors in their circle of influence.

RREACH, Lord willing, will plan national GPAs in 136 countries before the end of the decade. There also is a massive congress (the Global Pastoral Trainers Congress) planned in Manila, Philippines in early 2016.

Whoa! Did you get all that??

This doesn’t even scratch the surface in defining the “Only God”-possible multiplication factor we witnessed. I must trust the Holy Spirit to allow the reality of this to soak in, as we also struggle to digest God’s incomprehensible outreach and love for humanity.

Captain and Mrs. Knight also were able to witness Dr. Richard’s efforts to reach opinion leaders with the gospel, which they described as another trip highlight.

Please join us in praying for both national GPAs and the upcoming Global Pastoral Trainers Congress. Stay tuned for more information on both.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

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