Ministering to pastors in Africa, praying for pastors in Asia

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. We have a flurry of requests to share with you!

1. Please pray for Dr. Richard as he ministers in four countries in Africa, including encouraging pastors at two national GPAs (South Africa and Zambia), giving an evangelistic talk to opinion leaders in Zambia and attending a series of meetings, among other ministry activities.

Pray specifically that the Lord would strengthen Dr. Richard in body and mind as he will be keeping an intense schedule. Also pray for travel safety and for effective meetings.

2. Please pray for GPA South Africa, which is happening now, and GPA Zambia, which is scheduled for October 17-26.


Pastors at GPA South Africa

  • Pray that pastors attending would come with eager hearts and minds, ready to learn.
  • Pray that they’d be encouraged by the fellowship with other pastors.
  • Pray that they would be strengthened to better lead their congregations and would multiply their training to other pastors in their communities.

3. Please pray for those on India’s East Coast, which was badly damaged by a cyclone this weekend. News outlets are reporting that 1 million people evacuated the area and are returning now to assess the damage. Twenty-five people died.

Please pray especially for pastors in this area who are faced not only with dealing with the damage to their own properties, but also are called to minister to their hurting congregations in the midst of this natural disaster.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
prayer coordinator

2 thoughts on “Ministering to pastors in Africa, praying for pastors in Asia

  1. Dear Dr. Richard,

    We are praying and will continue to pray at Fellowship Bible Church Dallas for you, your family and the ministries. Also praying for those in India as they recover from the cyclone.

    Serving with you,


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