Is it June yet? 2014 Dallas GPA planning underway

Dear friends,

Please join us in prayer for the 2014 Dallas GPA, scheduled for June 8-28, 2014 on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary.

There may be several months separating us from the actual event, but planning already is underway. (Read more about the Dallas GPA below and see what GPA graduates have to say about their experience).

Please specifically pray:

  • For God’s wisdom in the selection process. More than 45 men have been nominated, and RREACH has received nine completed applications. Four of the applicants are pastors who were accepted to the 2013 Dallas GPA, but were unable to attend. Those pastors have been tentatively accepted to the 2014 Dallas GPA on the basis that they still meet eligibility requirements.
  • For availability and willingness of those who have been invited to serve as Master Coaches, including current and former deans and presidents of evangelical seminaries from around the country and world.
  • For favor as RREACH invites individuals and churches to partner with us – by giving of their resources, their talents and their time – for the 2014 Dallas GPA.
  • For unity and great communication among RREACH staff as planning for the 2014 Dallas GPA ramps up.
  • That the 2014 Dallas GPA would be excellent in every detail, to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For His glory,

Edie Ross

Prayer Coordinator

The Dallas Global Proclamation Academy was piloted in 2005 on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary. The academy brings together 25 to 27 of the world’s finest young pastors for a three-week, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Each class of Dallas GPA pastors sits under world-renowned Master Coaches, including presidents and deans of evangelical seminaries, who join Dr. Richard as GPA faculty each year. 

Instruction focuses on three critical and basic needs of all pastoral ministries: biblical spirituality, theological discernment and effective preaching.

Pastors who are accepted to a Dallas GPA must meet stringent criteria, including a documented passion for training other pastors in their regions. Therefore, the reach of the training they receive at the Dallas GPA is extended.

The Dallas GPA is one training component of the decade-long Global Proclamation Commission, which seeks to perpetuate spiritual health worldwide. 

2 thoughts on “Is it June yet? 2014 Dallas GPA planning underway

  1. I pray for Dr. Ramesh and RReach to continue this great mission which impact my life , family and mission
    I can say that I am different completely before and after GPA
    Dr. Ramesh an inspirited and influence my life and vision

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