Costa Rica trip praise report

costa rica 2Dear friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard as he ministered in Costa Rica. Please join us in praising God for His goodness! I am excited to share these bits of good news with you:

Join us in praising God for the 25 pastors from different denominations who came to GPA Costa Rica from around the country. Coordinators reported thatpastors took home a new fervor for expository preaching and also life-long friendships.

Of his experience, one pastor wrote, “In life, I’ve said goodbye to friends, turned around and walked away without knowing when I would see them again. Today, leaving from el Redil [the venue whercosta rica 1e they stayed] I experienced the same emptiness in my stomach—multiplied by 25. I couldn’t avoid the tears and the sensation that a part of me stayed with you all. I am taking you in my heart.”

Another said, “I never thought I would be so encouraged and trained in this few days.”

While in Costa Rica, Dr. Richard also had opportunities to speak at an evangelistic dinner where 500-plus people attended and 50 indicated a decision to trust Christ! He also was able to preach at Sunday morning church services. Please join us in praising God for those opportunities to proclaim Christ.

Also, join us in praising God for His protection of Dr. Richard and those he traveled with. On one occasion, his group was protected from a stray bullet-like object that pierced a billboard seconds before they walked in front of it!

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH.

For His glory,

Edie Ross
Prayer coordinator 

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