Dr. Richard’s upcoming Middle East trip postponed

Dear friends,

Dr. Richard had been planning a September trip to the Middle East to encourage pastors there. However, because of rapidly changing circumstances in that region, he has had to postpone that trip.

Please pray for:

  • Guidance as RREACH considers how to minister to pastors in the Middle East.
  • For the needs of Middle Eastern pastors and their families.
  • That RREACH’s Pastor’s Family Care Fund projects, which are continuing despite the changes to Dr. Richard’s travel plans, would meet needs and encourage the Middle Eastern pastors.

(RREACH’s Pastor’s Family Care Fund provides specifically for Gospel proclaimers and their families during times of extreme need. Dr. Ramesh Richard has noted over the years that wherever relief is needed, pastors are often the ones administering it. They and their families sacrifice to help others. Click here for more information.)

For His glory,

Edie Ross

Prayer Coordinator


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