Ramesh Richard’s trip to the Balkan States

Dear Friends,

Greetings on behalf of Dr. Ramesh Richard!

Would you join us in prayer for Dr. Richard’s seven-day trip and strategic ministry opportunities in the Balkan States of Southeastern Europe?

Please pray for his travel–he started by traveling for more than 24 hours before he reached his destination–and for his time spent ministering in several countries, including Montenegro and Serbia. Also pray for endurance as his schedule is very full.

Please specifically pray for the following:

July 17-18
Dr. Richard will be conducting sessions at GPA Balkan States and speaking at their graduation. Twenty-six pastors from six countries have gathered.

July 18
– Dr. Richard will be doing a nationally-televised interview 1500h-1930h in Montenegro, the least-evangelized country in Southeastern Europe.
– Thirty minutes after the television interview he is scheduled to deliver a pre-evangelistic address to business professionals in Podgorica, Montenegro. Time for Q&A and personal interaction with those interested is planned. Pray that more than half of the audience are unbelievers, and for open hearts and minds.

July 19
Dr. Richard’s day, in brief, consists of:
– Meeting with deputy minister of Serbian police and person in charge of anti-corruption strategy in Serbia
– Possible meeting with the Royal family
– Interview on Orthodox Radio, two million listeners
– Meeting with pastors from South Serbia
– Evangelistic dinner

Pray that unbelievers at the evangelistic dinner would see their need for Christ.

We close with praise for these opportunities and a special praise from Dr. Richard. He rejoices that a sharp young restaurant worker he met on the beach there has chosen to follow the Lord Jesus. Please pray for follow-up.

Thank you for praying with us.

For His glory,
Edie Ross
RREACH Prayer Coordinator

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