Mission-critical opportunities; overcoming obstacles


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Dear praying friends,

New and exciting opportunities for personal proclamation knock on Dr. Ramesh Richard’s door almost daily. He appreciates prayer for clear direction toward the most mission-critical assignments. His newest Media Outreach message, themed #StopFindingPeace, launched mid-month. Ask God to speak to many through it.

Thank you for continuing to uphold the massive Global Proclamation Commission vision, which is advancing at intense pace and focus. The national GPA in Vanuatu has concluded; GPA Senegal is scheduled to begin March 23; GPAs Guinea Conakry, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Romania-part 2 are coming in April. Pray for God to work powerfully in and through the RREACH ministries team, local organizers, and each pastoral delegate.

For the Dallas GPA, visas remain a critical concern. We have 16 pastors with visas. Ten have been rejected; some plan to reapply. Please intercede diligently for open minds and softened hearts, and for encouragement for the pastors not approved.

The GPro follow-up team asks prayer for extra capacity and great teamwork as they implement pastoral trainer/training multiplication plans. Two current projects of emphasis, country launches and data tracking, require creativity and discernment.

Finally, please lift the RREACH board and staff and their families before our Father God. Several are going through serious health challenges or loss of loved ones. Thank you for being vital partners in ministry with Ramesh Richard and RREACH. We pray God’s goodness will abound to you.

In his words: March update from Ramesh Richard


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Dear praying friends,

Evaluation is integral to all parts of RREACH—to find out what is going well, what is not, how to keep the former going, and how to improve the latter. This exercise is particularly important in the aftermath of the 2016 Global Proclamation Congress, as we project (but not predict) the next five years.

Three major gatherings held in Dallas recently allowed for this kind of assessment and planning.

  • Our GPro Team came from Atlanta, Beirut, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Kampala, Chennai, Costa Rica and Dallas for three days of deliberate planning of a disciplined four-year follow-up. I believe the Lord (and you) would be pleased with its sophistication. Please pray that our implementation with intensity and excellence will bear immense and lasting fruit!
  • Our primarily Dallas-based team met for three days to rebalance the ministry and solve our board’s concern for leadership-level support to fulfill the charter of RREACH—a personal proclamation mission undergirding a global proclamation vision. God has brought two outstanding leaders to serve as Director of Advancement and Director of Ministries. Pray for integration and coordination with both the Dallas and GPro Teams.
  • The final Dallas gathering was a listening exercise for me. One of the unexpected delights of the GProCongress was the spontaneous eruption of interest by formal training institutions from all over the world. Their quality must be matched with the speed that non-formal training offers. Fifteen leaders (from all over the US, South Africa, Taiwan and the UK) met for 36 hours at Dallas Seminary to consider models of formal and non-formal pastoral training. Again, new ideas and initiatives were birthed, for which we need comprehensive resources. Your prayers are critical. Thank you.

Two recent speaking engagements may be mentioned here. I got to address the heads of 200+ institutions of higher education in Orlando, all of whom were quite discouraged. With declining enrollment in on-campus models, they are looking at cessation, mergers and acquisitions. God used me to give them perspective, inspiration and even direction.

Bonnie and I returned to Trinity Bible Church, our home church about 28 years ago, when our kids were very small, attending AWANA, etc., in our very own town of Richardson. The town is not named after me, though I am the son of a Richard! It was amazing to meet old friends again. It seems like we all grew older at the same pace!

Thank you for praying me forward all over our city, nation and world. Your support makes me deeply thankful, but also terrifically responsible, in clarifying the message of Jesus and the Bible everywhere.



Proclaiming and pastoral training all over the world


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Dear praying friends,


Ramesh Richard speaking during a GProCongress Indonesia plenary session, assisted by interpreter Pastor RB

Dr. Richard has just completed his time at GProCongress Indonesia, a follow-up event from last June’s GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers in Bangkok. He spoke twice on aspects of the critical need for more and better-trained pastors to the group of 600 pastoral trainers representing many different denominational backgrounds.

An estimated 300 delegates stepped forward to commit themselves to train 20,000 pastors in the next four years. Not only that, GProIndonesia plans to do its own follow-up with its own budget. Praise God! Pray for them! Pray, too, for Dr. Richard and a number of formal/non-formal pastoral training colleagues as they prayerfully consider strategic next steps in more efficiently and effectively training pastors around the globe.

As GProIndonesia wrapped up, GPA Vanuatu commenced 6,000 km/3,700 mi to the southeast, in another nation of islands. Thank God that the materials shipped there arrived safely. Pray for these national GPA delegates as they meet through March 11, connecting and being encouraged to preach and live biblically.

Back in Dallas, the RREACH team is rejoicing over 14 pastors accepted to the 2017 Dallas GPA who have visas. We’ve booked four of their flights already. Seventeen accepted pastors still need visas, however. Please intercede for the following as they apply:

  • Pastor C (SE Asia): March 8
  • Pastor M (Africa): March 9
  • Pastor E (Africa): declined for visa earlier; applying again March 14
  • Pastor S (Africa): also declined; encouraged by consulate to reapply

Pray for the pastors’ spiritual, financial and physical preparation to come to Dallas. Pastor T (Africa) is having difficulty finding someone to fill the pulpit while he is away.

This weekend, the Lord willing, Dr. Richard will close his six-cities-in-12-days trip by speaking at a church in SE Asia. Please ask the Lord Jesus Christ to sustain him, in order to proclaim Him!

Travels, talks, training and time…would you pray?


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Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard is in the midst of a 12-day, five-city trip across SE Asia. The Lord willing, he is to speak twice at GProCongress Indonesia this week. Pray for this major follow-up event to the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers held last June in Bangkok. Pray for energy, wisdom and good times of connection for Dr. Richard as he forges through a tight schedule.

GPA Vanuatu is also set to begin this week, on March 2. Specifically ask God to direct the materials we shipped for this national GPA to the right people at the right time. Also ask His blessing on each organizer and attending pastor over these 10 days of targeted training and connecting.

For the Dallas GPA, please continue to intercede for the 27 accepted candidates (three from new countries) planning to attend. Pray for favor, as 15 of them have yet to apply for visas, and for good options and costs as we begin to book their travel.

Finally, Dr. Richard desires to carve out more time in his schedule for study and for writing new talks and materials. Please ask God to provide good opportunities for this, and for insight and creativity during those times.

Thank you!



Ministry opportunities x momentum; much discernment needed


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Dear praying friends,

Dr. Richard is returning to full-speed personal proclamation ministry. Ministry training is surging on intentional application of post-GProCongress momentum. Media Outreach is exploring a new endeavor. Would you please continue to hold Ramesh and this ministry before the Lord? Here are a few specific praises and requests.

  • The RREACH staff and extended RREACH ministries and GProCommission teams gathered in Dallas for a week of intense prayer, planning and partnership-cultivation. Several commented on the Christ-like love they experience through RREACH (one of RREACH’s core operational values). Praise God for the dedication, collaboration, creativity and productivity everyone displayed. Pray for growth in each of those aspects as the teams deploy to serve around the world. Intercede for Dr. Richard as he prayerfully considers all the ideas, options and strategies generated.
  • The Lord willing, Dr. Richard is to leave for a multi-country SE Asia trip next week. One of his engagements is to speak at GProCongress Indonesia, one of the first national GProCongress follow-up events. Ask for health, strength, discernment and travel mercies for him, and for clear and winsome proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • GPA Vanuatu is scheduled to start March 2 and GPA Senegal March 23. Pray for the right 25 (at least) delegates each and for guidance and provision for the planning teams.
  • The first two 2017 Dallas GPA candidates who applied for visas were rejected. Ask God for direction on whether they should reapply and for all candidates on how to best approach getting visas. Of the 27 accepted candidates, 12 have visas. Please intercede for God’s great favor on those applying for visas.

Thank you!

In his words: February update from Ramesh Richard


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Last month began with Bonnie’s and my 40th wedding anniversary trip to Costa Rica—on award mileage! We had not spent uninterrupted time away together since December 2015. That was not fair to my beloved, who sacrificed time with me for last year’s GProCongress. Having been born ocean-side in northern California, Bonnie enjoys the beach—the sights, smells and sounds. She is presently stuck with me in topographically-challenged North Texas.

While in Costa Rica, I also enjoyed time of extended spiritual reflection. God has confirmed the re-balancing of RREACH with personal proclamation as the original core from which the rest flows. Not given to just vacationing (send me pointers!), I met with over 50 Costa Rican trainers of pastors, who came together for the first GProCongress follow-up event in 2017. One said, “You lit a fire in Bangkok, and it is spreading all over.” I hope that was a metaphor for flaming enthusiasm, rather than destruction!

2017’s first national GPA began in Romania. Our staff could not go due to health reasons, but I was able to interact with them for extended times by Skype. Pray for the complex national GPA project. We are attempting to more than double the number of in-country events in 2017.

It’s always great to preach at Dallas Seminary, the future of Christian ministry, especially in the US. About 40 guests joined us mid-January for chapel and lunch. In God’s will, I look forward to returning “home” to DTS this fall.

2017’s LifeRocks media theme is “STOP FINDING PEACE.” Jesus says He will give us peace, so it is best to find Jesus instead. I have recorded three talks: The Peace Plot, The Peace Prize, and Stop Finding Peace. Pray this Facebook initiative will have wide, far and big impact—one million users have “liked” our page.

Finally, last month included a trip to Panama for the Lindell/Encircle Foundation, which benefits from the credibility of our trained pastors, who identify economic needs, allowing the foundation to help with monetary support. RREACH helps pastors’ families in zones of persecution, natural disaster and oppression, so God’s shepherds are prioritized in this joint exercise. A dinner in Panama drew 300 guests, 200 of whom were pre-Faith. Before the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and actor Stephen Baldwin shared testimonies, I gave a full-length evangelistic talk. At least two dozen professed a response to Jesus that night; a Dallas GPA graduate’s church is following them up.

I am filled with reverence that God’s people pray for me toward the vision of changing the way large numbers of individuals think and hear about the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this gift and for the onward journey together this year and beyond.

Please pray: a week of important meetings

Dear praying friends,

Dr. Ramesh Richard is gearing up for a stimulating week of meetings about RREACH’s immediate and future ministry.

Team members from around the globe are flying to Dallas to align in the rebalancing of RREACH ministry toward Dr. Richard’s proclamation and to address the acceleration and extension of GProCommission (the four-year follow-up to the GProCongress) activity.

Prayer is a key agenda item of each meeting, and we invite you to pray with us throughout this important week.

 Pray for:

  • the Holy Spirit’s clear leading in discussions of execution of strategies and roles/responsibilities
  • innovative collaboration and wise assessment
  • a spirit of enthusiasm, encouragement and unity
  • health and safety, and protection for loved ones


The Lord willing, Dr. Richard will also attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Please intercede that the leadership of the U.S. will return to the founding value “In God we trust,” and that the nation will follow.

A myriad of needs: Will you pray?

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for continuing to lift up Dr. Richard and RREACH. As 2017 gets underway, we have a number of Dallas GPA-related requests to share, in addition to needs in several other areas of the RREACH ministry.

2017 Dallas GPA

Join us in praising God for the 24 pastors who have been accepted. Nine have obtained visas! Also, all of our Master Coaches are scheduled.

For the Dallas GPA pastors, please intercede for these needs:

  • For favor in scheduling visa appointments, and that visas would be issued
  • Pastors’ fundraising for their flights and visa fees
  • Pastors’ churches in preparing for their pastor’s extended absence
  • Pastors’ continual community-building on social media
  • Pastors’ response to the admissions team for needed items

For Dallas GPA staff, please pray for:

  • Continual learning in our new database system for admissions
  • Editing and filming of new admissions videos for the incoming pastors

Even as Dallas GPA preparations increase, a flurry of activity is happening across RREACH’s three strategies. Please join us in prayer in the following ways:

Ministry training

Dr. Richard recently skyped with GPA Romania. Delegates there request prayer for unity and for protection for their churches, families and health as they are away.

GProCommission for Trainers of Pastors (the four-year follow up to the GProCongress) has key meetings at the end of this month with a number of people traveling in from around the world. Pray for efficiency, humility and unity at the meetings, and that they would yield abundant fruit toward the follow-up effort.

Also, the GProCommission team is working hard to set up a platform of wide and deep, globally-sourced resources on GProConneXt.com. This resources platform should roll out soon. Pray for excellence in every area of the planning and launch of this important element of the four-year follow up.

Finally, pray for ongoing dialogue and collaboration between traditional and non-traditional pastoral training leaders. Pray specifically for mid-February meetings that will bring these two groups together.

Media outreach

Please pray for Dr. Richard as he prepares messages for upcoming Media Outreach video talks.

In his words: January update from Ramesh Richard

What a year is coming up! Nothing accents human limitation like ignorance of the future. We know the past better than the future, but only slightly better. How God was working in and through each circumstance last year is barely known to us. Here is how we experienced the hem of His garment and will do so in the new year as well.

We finished last year in joy because of what God did through RREACH. The “one word” we picked for 2016 was “exceed.” It referred to the One able to do “exceedingly abundantly beyond all we can imagine” (Eph. 3:20). Exceed also referred to excellence in execution. We cried out to the Lord Most High, and He accomplished all things for us (Psalm. 57:2).

My best gift in December was the opportunity to present Jesus to Chinese scholars and professionals in Dallas. The opportunity itself was the gift. I usually pray for at least one expressed response, to rejoice like the shepherd in Luke 15. Indeed, one responded. Another professed salvation over a meal we shared in the UK. Best of all, I was stunned to hear of what God did a few months ago. I had thought 600 youth responded to the gospel invitation. Our hosts wrote that 2,449 professed faith in Christ! I could also add that my LifeRocks talk on “Sexual Corruption” was seen on 6.3 million Facebook pages.  Would you pray for and give to opportunities in 2017 like never before?

We finished 2016 in peace. At the final board meeting of the year, we reviewed what God had done. God honored the faith of a few to finish “in the black” while undertaking a huge initiative disproportionate to our size. He helped us launch the next five years so countries, congregations and communities will think and hear differently about Jesus. Enjoy the newly unveiled GProCommission.org, a site to connect, unite, and strengthen trainers of pastors so that more pastors will be better trained.

I personally finished the year in joy and peace by God’s recuperative graces. I am back to a degree of normality indicated by creativity, humor, planning, even controlled impatience! My year ended with a celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary. I was able to surprise Bonnie with our entire family coming together. And nothing could have made her or me happier.

What is 2017 going to bring us? We do not know much. All we are left with is trust. Or better, we are left with the God Whom we can trust. We trust the One we know into a future we don’t. And that is enough.

For the very best of many everywhere,


Ministry opportunities in 2017

Dear praying friends,

Personal proclamation is back at the top of Dr. Richard’s focus for ministry in 2017 and he is eager for it! Many opportunities are coming his way for speaking, writing, advising, training, and more. Praise God for them and pray for wisdom as he evaluates each and for quality time he can dedicate to preparation.

GProCommission activity also needs great prayer support.

Dallas GPA: RREACH has accepted 19 pastors so far; we’re asking the Lord Jesus for at least six more, preferably from new countries.

National GPAs: Twenty have been confirmed for 2017; the first, GPA Romania, is just a month away. Pray for at least 25 excellent delegates, logistical and spiritual preparation, and a powerful experience.

GProConneXt: The core team is to gather in Dallas in January. Ask God for fruitful planning, further team cohesion, and good stewardship of GProCongress momentum to connect and strengthen trainers of pastors.