Requesting prayer in a busy season

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH. The Lord has blessed RREACH with a flurry of activity in every one of our three strategies. Please join us in prayer for the following needs:

Personal Proclamation:

As you know, several months ago Dr. Richard’s belongings were stolen, including important travel documentation that has to be replaced for him to continue his itinerant ministry.

Replacement documents will arrive, the Lord willing, in the next several days. If they do, Dr. Richard will be traveling early next week for a major speaking event focused on mobilizing believers to reach unreached areas across Asia. The event is expected to draw 30,000 youth from around South Asia, along with pastors, mission leaders and business leaders. Please pray that replacement documents do, indeed, arrive in time and for traveling mercies for Dr. Richard. 

Media Outreach:

Praise! Dr. Richard’s October Media Outreach message has garnered a large response—nearly twice what is normal. Pray that this message would help many see their deep need for salvation and respond in obedience to the Lord Jesus. 

Ministry training:

National Global Proclamation Academies have been confirmed in 12 countries and many more are prospective. Pray for the teams working on planning national GPAs around the world and that God would provide national GPAs in a total of 25 countries in 2017.

Also, RREACH staff has received 24 applications for the 2017 Dallas Global Proclamation Academy, including five from top-priority countries (these are typically countries that have not yet been represented at the Dallas GPA). Please pray that God would send the right 25 fine, young pastors for this three-week training set for June 2017.

Will you intercede?

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for lifting up Dr. Ramesh Richard and RREACH in prayer. God is providing and we have many praises to share! We ask you to continue to intercede for some updated needs below, as well.

Praise! The official documents Dr. Richard has been waiting on since the end of June have arrived in the U.S.! The process of getting them in hand will take several more business days, though, and he needs them in order to leave for a major speaking engagement in a little over a week. Please pray that the documents will arrive in time and contain no restrictions.

We also thank God for the growing activity on, the hub for connecting, resourcing and mobilizing pastoral trainers after the GProCongress. Ask the Lord for His continued guidance and blessing as the GProCommission team facilitates this global movement.

Praise God for progress toward the 2017 Dallas GPA. We have secured nearly half of the needed Master Coaches and have received a number of promising candidate applications. Intercede for the remaining Master Coaches needed, for more quality applications from new and under-represented countries, and for our selection process, especially as we only accept one delegate per country. National GPAs also need much prayer as we seek to more than double our goal for the number held each year.

Dr. Richard will be traveling again next week, the Lord willing, and Bonnie will be accompanying him. Pray for safety, joy and further post-GProCongress resuscitation.

Thank you!

In his words: October update from Ramesh Richard

Dear praying friends,

A three-culture ministry is what RREACH seeks to create and carry for both effectiveness and efficiency. The decade-long Global Proclamation Commission demands that we live out a culture of:

1. Praise and Prayer

In the spirit of the leper who returned to say thanks, we wanted to host a dinner of praise—no preaching, no fundraising, no distraction. What we thought would be a small turnout eventually grew to about 200 friends praising our Lord Jesus for His accomplishments through us at the GProCongress. We added a component of prayer for the world, and especially for our nation in the throes of election confusion. The resounding theme of the night? Our God Reigns (Psalm 96).

2. Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

An event without follow-up is simply an activity. Follow-up is part of RREACH’s ethos, and it is one of the reasons I personally write and sign receipts to you, my dear donor-friend. After our Praise-Prayer evening last month, we met for an entire day of Congress follow-up decisions. Our GProCommission team of 10 (located all over the world) is actively working on maintaining momentum through

3. Relationships

We know God’s work moves by ideas, friends and resources. Friendship moves ideas forward. For the first time in over a dozen years, the Board (and spouses) of RREACH met for two days in lovely Colorado at a Board member’s home to prayerfully discuss the future. The next three months are crucial, as we prayerfully think through options for multi-faceted engagement. Would you pray for me, as I discern and process God’s best for this global proclamation ministry?

Our son Ryan’s client again invited me to travel, this time to Nairobi. Their financial capital is distributed by the human capital that RREACH has established worldwide to meet the needs of the economically-deprived. While there, I met with 25 of our Dallas GPA grads from that many countries in the great and growing Africa. All of us had grown older, but not duller, at the same pace! The 2017 Dallas GPA is already in planning. It is our signature project with deep, wide, large and long reach into our world. Many national GPAs are also planned for 2017. Please cover us!

I believe I have moved from resuscitation to the revitalization stage of post-Congress recovery. Thank you again for your timely generosity, which yields fruit worldwide. I appreciate your support so very much and need you/it more than ever before.



Prayer needed! Category 4 hurricane hits Haiti

Dear praying friends,

The Carribean’s strongest storm in almost a decade has made landfall on Haiti’s Tiburon Peninsula as a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 145 mph. It is the first major hurricane (Category 3, 4, or 5) to hit Haiti in 50 years, since Inez in 1966, Colorado State University reported.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami then expects the storm to continue on for another landfall — expected in the lightly populated eastern end of Cuba.

Please uphold Haiti—an already beleaguered nation—and especially the four Dallas GPA graduates and many GPA Haiti graduates currently ministering there.

UPDATE: ministry training, personal proclamation requests

Eight pastors have now applied for the 2017 Dallas GPA, several from high-priority countries. Please pray for more nominations and applications from under-represented countries.

Pray for the right Dallas GPA Master Coaches to be available; two invitees so far have said “yes.”

Four national GPAs have been scheduled: Romania, Senegal, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Ivory Coast. Ask God for His blessing as teams organize these, and for a total of 25 national GPAs to take place in 2017.

Also, continue to remember the GproCommission for Trainers of Pastors, the critical follow-up phase of the GProCongress. Pray for involvement in the process and for growth in pastoral training to exceed expectations.

Finally, praise God for Dr. Richard’s fruitful time in Kenya and Qatar, and pray for his preparation for upcoming events. He is still waiting for replacement travel documents before he can serve in another, key country. Pray for God’s provision as this affects him and event organizers in that nation. Also intercede that his October Media Outreach video and social media campaign will attract a wide range of viewers to the Lord Jesus Christ.

A sense of gratitude, calmness in a busy new season

Dear praying friends,
Late last week Dr. Richard and the RREACH board got away for a long-overdue retreat. God blessed their time with deepened camaraderie and insightful discussion of ministry strategy, structure and succession. God’s reaffirmation of RREACH’s mission and vision has given Dr. Richard a sense of gratitude and calmness as he evaluates the range of new opportunities opened by the GProCongress. Please pray that he will continue to be sensitive to God’s leading, from the panoramic to the particular.

Dr. Richard is eager to return to “personal proclamation” after his long administrative stint as Convener of the GProCongress. Pray for clarity and creativity as he studies, writes new material and prepares new talks. Also intercede for his upcoming trip to Africa and southeast Asia. Part of his itinerary is affected by still-delayed government documents. Ask God to make His path clear.

RREACH received its first applications for the 2017 Dallas GPA this week! Pray for many more recommendations, especially from under-represented countries, for the right 25 delegates, and for God’s favor on the visa process. Pray, too, as Master Coach invitations go out. Ask God to open schedules and bring the right 11.

Thank you for praying!

In his words: an update from Ramesh Richard

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for continuing to lift up Dr. Richard and RREACH in prayer. Please see a personal note from Dr. Richard below:

During this time of resuscitation from soul-entombment, I have stayed in the Scriptures. My journal records deep, spiritual movements towards fulfilling what God has placed before me. For example, the Book of Acts calls me to stay with the core ministry of RREACH (from which all else flows), much like the apostle Paul did. His/my personal proclamation gifting undergirds his/my global proclamation calling.

Or his Colossians injunction to Archippus: “See to it that you fulfill the ministry that you have received from the Lord” (4:17). I too shall “see to it.” A friend wrote to me saying, “I feel compelled to tell you to read Deuteronomy.” This was Israel’s second start, with clear injunctions to “possess” what God has given to them. If they/I retreated now, it would be unbelief, disobedience, rebellion! Pray for me not to go that route!

But I did go on a four-country Southeast Asia tour, because my son Ryan invited me to speak at one of his client’s meetings in Malaysia…and the client paid for it! (I took Ryan on his first overseas trip when he was 12.) Our latest trip included Singapore and Jakarta for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, which I also attended 30 years ago. We ended up in Amman, Jordan, where I spoke at the 25th anniversary and graduation services of the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary. I have had decades of wonderful friendship with their founder and leader.

I returned home to attend the Dallas Seminary faculty retreat, where the Academic Dean provided time for a six-faculty-member report on the GProCongress. The dominant sentiment? One of “disturbance”—we are the privileged elite, while most who need us don’t have access to us! I concluded the month by recording the final three short talks for our series “The Corruptionist” on, our pre-evangelistic foray on Facebook’s media platform. The talk on “Sexual Corruption” last month received a huge response. The talks all obviously point to our Savior.

 Thank you for praying! I think I am “back!” 



We are praising God! Join us?

Dear friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for Dr. Richard and RREACH. We wanted to take a moment to report how God has been working. Please join us in praising Him for His perfect provision!

Praise! Dr. Richard has successfully recorded his final 2016 Media Outreach messages; thank you for praying. Please now pray for the team as they produce the videos and coordinate the media outreach messaging across multiple platforms.

Praise! National GPA coordinator Rajiv Richard has scheduled the first 2017 national GPA. Pray for GPA Romania, to be held in January, the Lord willing. Several more are in the pipeline; pray for 25 total.

Praise! The Dallas GPA referee email was successfully sent last week and we’ve already received a number of nominations. The application will officially be available to potential delegates next week. Please continue to pray that the Lord would bring the right 25 fine, young pastors to the 2017 Dallas GPA.

Praise! Last night friends from all over gathered with us to celebrate God’s work in and through the GProCongress for Pastoral Trainers. It was a meaningful time of worship, thanksgiving, commitment to what is ahead, and prayer for the world. Please continue to pray for the four-year follow up effort.


Please pray: 2017 Dallas GPA

Dear praying friends,

Please be in prayer for RREACH staff and the 2017 Dallas GPA as we begin the process of taking nominations for this three-week academy taking place in June on the campus of Dallas Seminary.

Tomorrow morning the emails requesting nominations from our Dallas GPA graduates and other referees from the pastoral training sector will be sent.

Please pray for the following:

  • That there will be no errors or problems with sending this important email.
  • That the referees and GPA graduates will submit to us the right pastors who meet the criteria to attend the Dallas GPA.
  • That there will be no issues with the potential delegates filling out the Dallas GPA application.
  • That there will be no issues or very minor issues with approved delegates obtaining visas this year.
  • For RREACH staff to respond and communicate with the referees and delegates with accuracy and swiftness.

Thank you!

Praying over RREACH’s three strategies

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for your continued prayer for Dr. Richard and RREACH. As we head into the fall, there is a flurry of activity at RREACH in each of our three strategies: Media Outreach, Personal Proclamation and Ministry training.

Please join us in praying for the following requests:

Media Outreach:
Dr. Richard will film multiple Life Rocks messages later this month. Pray for God to use this media-driven method to spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to individuals around the world.

Personal Proclamation: 
Continue to pray for Dr. Richard’s recovery from the huge GProCongress effort. Pray for upcoming opportunities for his personal proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ, including during an upcoming trip to India.

Ministry Training:
Dallas GPA: Pray for wisdom and discernment as we assemble the team that will be planning and carrying out the 2017 Dallas GPA, set for June 2017 on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary. Pray, also for the selection of 25 fine, young pastors from around the globe, and specifically for candidates from countries never before represented at the Dallas GPA.

National GPAs: Pray for the planning and preparations for national GPAs in 2017. It is our goal to have 25 NGPAs per year through 2020, which is a huge undertaking.

GProCongress: Pray for the follow-up team and their efforts in having all attendees and even non-attendees fulfill the goals of the Congress in deliberate and ongoing training of pastors.

RREACH operations:
Pray for the upcoming Audit Committee meeting and Board meetings, as well as hiring decisions.


Managing a gradual return: praying for discernment and direction

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for praying for Dr. Richard’s post-GProCongress recovery. Managing a gradual return is demanding! Please pray for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, clarity in decisions, and physical stamina as he seeks God’s pacing through numerous opportunities and contacts generated on his southeast Asia trip. Also pray for God’s favor as Dr. Richard works through roadblocks to replace some important documents stolen from him in April.  

Praise God for Dr. Richard and the global team developing and facilitating follow-up for the massive pastoral training movement catalyzed at the Congress. Ask Him to reveal the most critical needs, for plans to result in effective action and robust response, and for supporting technologies to function smoothly. Ask Him to further connect, unite and strengthen pastoral trainers from formal and non-formal pastoral training sectors.

 Dr. Richard looks forward to spending time with Dallas Seminary colleagues at their annual retreat next week, the Lord willing, and to the Sept. 8 GProCongress Praise and Prayer celebration dinner. Please pray for these times to be fruitful. We are also asking God to provide special funding for the dinner.